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Discover Your Diamond’s Ancestry

A powerful web-based tool to help trace a diamond’s journey


Diamond Ancestry is an independent third-party blockchain-enabled solution that provides transparency

into a natural diamond’s journey.


Our platform stores a diamond's physical attributes on a digital asset ledger bringing state of the art technology to the diamond industry and a history of your diamond that you can fully TRUST.

We will never provide the data of your diamond to a third party. As an independent organization we provide the strongest levels of integrity and have no intention to use the data beyond capturing it on our blockchain, providing reassurance to both the trade and ultimately consumers of these wonderful gems of nature.



Our manufacturing application can be customized to capture the who, what, and when of your manufacturing process and memorialize that data on blockchain. 


Wholesalers can capture the chain of control of your diamonds on our distributed and secure blockchain ledger

Image by omid roshan

Mines & Gov. Agencies

Registering your diamonds allows you to provide verifiable insight into the chain of control of a diamond’s journey through the entire process from mine to consumer. Demonstrate the ethical and sustainable methods utilized in the mining process.

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